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Let’s start with an introduction. Hello, my name is Shana. I am 33 years old. I am from California but currently live in Singapore with my husband.

My Diet Journey

I started thinking about what I was eating at a young age. I decided at 10 years old that I would be vegetarian, even though I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. I only thought that it was an ethical thing to do for the animals.

When I got older I was less interested in eating healthy and not really following any specific diet. I ate some meat, dairy, fast food. A little bit of everything.

My sister gave me a book to read when I was 21 and it changed my path forever.

I really started to think about the choices I made and the food on my plate. So I started eating a plant based diet.

I don’t use the term VEGAN.

This is because I always ate a little seafood, I definitely snuck some dairy in my diet occasionally and I wasn’t hunting ingredient lists for anything from an animal.

I LOVE sushi!!

I still follow the 90% rule.

90% of the time I consume nothing from an animal and I feel like it helps keep my life a little flexible but my body healthy. Health is my focus and I think it is important to find what motivates you to maintain a plant based diet.

The healthiest foundation of a diet is focusing on whole foods. This means real ingredients that are found in nature.

Benefits of a plant based diet

When I switched to a plant based diet I noticed so many personal benefits. This feeling makes me so excited to share it with others because it could be your solution to chronic health conditions.

A plant based diet increases fiber intake which means better gut health, improved digestion and a reduction in the risk of various cancers. My digestive health has improved so much since following a plant based diet.

Plants are rich in phytonutrients. Colorful fruits and vegetables are designed by nature to provide you with invisible but powerful qualities. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake means you are powering your body with the ability to fight invaders. Many people claim their whole foods plant based diet helps them avoid more common colds and flus.

Easy weight management. Overall a plant based diet is not a weight loss program. You aren’t expected to see drastic immediate weight loss. It is one that promotes long term health and healthy eating habits. I have personally found that eating a whole foods plant based diet has helped me effortlessly maintain a healthy weight.

If you have any specific health concerns we can work together to form a plant based diet that helps suit your needs.

How Can I help you with your diet?

Although I am very passionate about a plant based diet I never made it a career for myself. I was a full time student and then I worked full time jobs.

I felt I was always balancing my busy life with what I loved most. Now I want to help other people reach their goals. No more excuses! Not having time to cook, meal plan or research healthy meals is no longer an excuse you need to make. I understand being busy and over so many years of staying healthy and working hard I learned tricks to make it easier. I can help! My philosophy is centered around easy to cook meals with simple ingredients.

As a certified nutritionist I can help people work around any specific health concerns or dietary needs they have to adjust for on their plant based journey.

A plant based diet promotes a healthy body, a healthy planet and animal compassion.

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I offer health coaching and meal plans to fit your needs. I am passionate that a whole foods plant-based diet is one that encourages a healthy body, healthy planet, and animal compassion.

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