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To be honest I started this blog a couple years ago in 2019. I wrote a few posts, actually I wrote a lot of posts but only published a few. I think I felt that I had to have my message, goals and everything about Macaroni and Peas perfect before I could share with everyone. Then I changed directions a few times and it’s time to start over again.

So, hi….If you don’t know me I am Shana. I am 35 years old and currently living in Winston Salem, NC. I have been living here with my husband for the past year and we love it. Whenever we aren’t working or fixing things around our new home we are hiking, kayaking or doing anything outdoors.

We lived abroad for 7 years moving between Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. As well as some time we spent backpacking around Asia to explore. After our last working contract in Singapore we decided to move to North Carolina and settle into a permanent location.

Chris and I in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Macaroni and Peas started because I had been trying to find a way to share my passion for a plant based diet. Before university I didn’t think much about what I ate. I lived off of Taco Bell and String Cheese. Despite being vegetarian for many years it was never for health. It wasn’t until 14 years ago when I was gifted a book about veganism that my thoughts about food changed. I started to view food as a way to nourish my body and every time I ate was opportunity to benefit myself. I became so passionate about eating a plant based diet that I wanted everyone to try it. I wanted everyone to experience the positive effects I had.

I would tell everyone I could about delicious recipes I tried, tricks and tips for eating plant based and about any new documentary that came out. While in Singapore I studied to become a plant based nutritionist so I could counsel clients. I enjoyed my experience but sometimes it felt that words I said were lost and people didn’t always come back for our next meeting with success. They didn’t know what to eat, how to prepare meals without animal products or felt they didn’t have time.

The book I was gifted

The people closest to me were eating a plant based diet and they loved it so what was missing from the connection with my clients. It was something that I thought about often. I realized the difference was that I was cooking for my husband, friends and family. They were eating more plant based meals because I was cooking it for them. They saw benefits, felt healthier, had more energy and loved knowing they were reducing animal suffering.

This is how Macaroni and Peas started. I realized to help people is to show them.

A plant based meal prep service!

I can go to clients home’s, bring the groceries, cook the meals and clean up before leaving. Now my clients have meals on hand when life gets busy. They are incorporating plant based meals effortlessly.

I can’t reach everyone personally so I will use this blog to help as much as I can. Are you interested in a plant based diet? Are you already eating a plant based diet and just need more ideas? More help?

Even if you don’t live in my area and aren’t able to take advantage of an in person meal prep service I still want to help. I believe plant based diets can be easy so that’s why I am always sharing my recipes and examples of an accessible diet that everyone can enjoy.

I will have new posts weekly to keep you up to date with new recipes, changes to Macaroni and Peas and any tips or tricks to help you achieve your plant based goals.

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