Salt Spice Mixes Gift Set


Handcrafted artisan spice blends. This gift set includes our three spice mixes from the ‘Salt’ series – Garlic Salt, Onion Salt and Spicy Salt . Each set comes beautifully gift wrapped.


Garlic Salt

Ingredients: salt, garlic powder, granulated garlic, parsley

Net Wt: 1.54 oz (43.4G)


Onion Salt

Ingredients: salt, onion powder, chives

Net Wt: 1.31 oz (37.1G)


Spicy Salt

Ingredients: salt, jalapeno powder, cayenne, black pepper

Net Wt: 1.30 oz (36.7G)


No preservatives, gluten or animal products

Shipped via USPS (Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery)

Salt Spice Mixes Gift Set

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