How To Help With Overeating Over the Holidays

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Getting together with friends and family for delicious meals and memories can also bring us together to indulge or even over indulge in meals.

You may be thinking that you don’t often overeat and you want to be able to enjoy this special time of year. Overeating can cause harm to your health though from harmful extra body fat to even increased disease risk.

Here are some tips to help prevent overeating and to treat the discomfort of that stuffed belly when you do.

Eat More

Wait this article is supposed to be about eating less. Going to a party or dinner on an empty stomach can cause you to eat more than you usually would. In addition, when we are hungry we tend to gravitate towards more unhealthy options such as sweets. Eat meals throughout the day to keep your hunger balanced.

Stay Present

Getting lost in conversation is great but studies have found we eat a lot more food when we aren’t focused on the meal. Instead of chowing down mindlessly, take time to enjoy the food. For buffets and family style dinners take appropriate portions and save seconds for only your favorite dishes.

Vinegar Digestive Drink

Apple cider vinegar boasts a number of health benefits one of those being digestion improvement. An apple cider vinegar drink is best consumed before a meal to help with digestion. In case you ate more than planned though and would like to help soothe the belly you can try an apple cider vinegar drink to sip on. I like this recipe from Bon Appetit:

Take a Walk

Walking after a meal, especially a large one, helps gets those digestive enzymes going. Or more accurately it helps you feel less full because the light movement is better than a nap on the sofa for digestion. Walking helps move the food from your stomach to your small intestines to decreases the feeling of fullness. As a benefit, if you suffer from reflux this simple habit can help alleviate symptoms.

Fill Up on the Light Stuff

I know the best part about the holidays is all the delicious comfort foods like pumpkin pie, gravy, mashed potatoes, cookies and now I am drooling. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat these foods but try to limit the quantity you eat. Filling up on lighter foods will help prevent overeating and you will feel better after the meal having consumed less of these heavy foods.

Plant Based Diet

Speaking of light stuff, a plant based diet encourages the consumption of whole foods. It is a diet that comprises 80% or more calories come from plant sources. This will result in better food choices and hopefully less digestion issues over the holidays.

If you want to know more about how a plant based diet can help check out our services at Macaroni and Peas:

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